Week 11 Report

This week:

1) I have worked in solving the problem of un-named parent :
For example, if I open calc and select any cell you will find a field in the upper tab that has the name of the cell for example C10. If I tried to type another name in this I will get this log statement:

>>Type on 'pos_window' {"TEXT": "a"} from

This means that the 'pos_window' edit UI object has a parent with no name. So how to solve it and how to generate a UI test Case that corresponds to this action as I know I should convert it to something like this:

pos_window = [Parent_Name].getChild("pos_window")
pos_window.executeAction("TYPE", mkPropertyValues({"TEXT": "a"}))

This problem happens in many unexpected places and it makes the compiler stuck in running and not convert the logger to a UI test.

The easiest fix is to change the logger to recursively query the parent until you find an element with a name. Usually, that should work. IF you reach the top level and still have no parent, for the time being, we can assume that we can just use the top-level UI element.

I tried to make this but I found that the un-named parent has also a un-named parent and if I try to make a recursive loop it enters an infinite loop and the app crashed. Then I find that some of the un-named parent objects still have un-named parent after using this function:

So try to find a solution that has a way to say that it is the current top-level parent. That does not mean the main window as there are quite a few dialogs that are not in the main window hierarchy. So I assume that only the parent can be a dialog so I modify the dsl_logger with these modifications:
  • Add recursively query for the parent until finding a parent with a name
    • This can be found in these functions
      vcl::Window* get_top_parent(vcl::Window* window)
      in the logger.cxx file
  • Remove the parent part "from xxxxxx" from the log statement if there is a un-named parent
  • Update the compiler to use the most top parent if there is command with no un-named parent:
    • This can be done in the dsl_core.py file with the file last_parent array that saves all the dialog in a hierarchy way to be able to get the top of them by access the array with the parent_hiraricy_count variable.

Then I test the new approach with many cases and it works efficiently the only problem if we have a dialog that has no name.

all this work can found here in this commit:

2) Raal start to test the new logger with many test cases to be able to merge into the master in the future.

3) add missing footer line here: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/77429/

Next week:
It will be the last week in the program so I will try to make good documentation for the project to be able to extend in the future and to describe all the used technologies in the project.


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