Week 10 Report

This week:

1) I tried to work on the Some draw and Impress to log more events on them but the problem was that they were having the same function that they call to perform similar operations.

To Solve This for example for the:
  • Add_Slide    ====> in impress
  • Add_page    ====> in draw
I add these events to the logger in this Commit:
So now we have these log Statements for examples:
  • Insert new Slide at position 3   ====> in impress
  • Insert new Page at position 3   ====> in draw
2) In the Same Commit (this one) I make a modification in the UITestLogger class to be able to know the difference between the draw and the Impress log statements and be able to store the current working app information.

3) Also add some new events to be supported with our UI logger like:
  •  Impress
    • Insert Slide
    • Delete Side
    • Duplicate Slide 
    • Rename Slide
  • Draw
    • Insert Page
    • Delete Page
    • Rename Page
This Work Can be found here:

4) Log More Events:
  • Calc
    • Rename Sheet
    • Insert New Sheet

This Work Can be found here:
5) I try to read more about how can we extend the current python UI testing Framework but It will take me a long time to understand and extend it so maybe I will concentrate more on adding new events to the logger and test that it works well and merge it. 

Thanks for reading and waiting for feedback in comments


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