Week 9 Report

First of all, This week was the second Evaluation Result of the Project and I am happy on working on this project and thanks to all LO family.

This week:
after the result it was only 3 days so I was worked on:

1) Test That Project is to work efficiently and ready to push on the master. I make this by generating many test cases by open the LO app and start to log some events and make sure that the corresponding generated test Case is working efficiently. I provide some of these in the last week Report So I will not attach images here. But the reason why I give this some time that I can say now that all the project is ready to be merged.

2) I was Update some parts of the grammar and adding meaningful comments to make the project well documented if we want to extend it later. This can be found in this Commit:

3) Also, I have been trying to find out how to add an unsupported element to the UI python framework to be able to use it in making UI test with these new statements But till now I don't know how to do this so I may need some help to understand how this UI python framework build to be able to extend it later. I think that this will need a lot of time but maybe I will continue working on it after the program ends.

4) I tried to read some of the available tests to enhance the project but didn't find something new until now but there are many of them so it will take a long time to take a look on them.

5) Also, Working on handling the problem that happened when the parent is empty so it makes the Compiling stop but still trying different approaches about how to solve it.

6) Start initilization of the support in the draw application as the Type on it was making a problems with the compiler. This can be found in this Commit:

Using the logger

First you should work on private/EL-SHREIF/ui_logger branch then:

1) Launch LibreOffice like
LO_COLLECT_UIINFO="test.log" SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen instdir/program/soffice

2) Simulate what you want to do with the mouse
3) Close LibreOffice

4) Open the resulting file in instdir/uitest/test.log
5) Enter the UI logger directory with this Command:
cd uitest/ui_logger_dsl/
6) Use the following Command
python dsl_core.py <path_to_log_file> <path_to_a_new_python_file>
<path_to_log_file> should be replaced with something like SourceDirectory/core/instdir/uitest/test.log
and <path_to_a_new_python_file> can be a location of your choice where you would like to see the generated code.
Also, old Reports has a video doing these steps.

The next week

1) I will work with Raal to check that the project works well.
2) I will work with Markus about how to merge the project into the master.
3) I will start to add some support logging events on the draw.
4) I will try to understand the UI python framework again and how to extend it.
5) I will try to solve the unnamed parent problem.
6) I will try to add more logged events as much as possible.
Your Comments are more than welcomed. Thank you for reading.


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