Week 7 Report

This week:

I was implementing the Compiler of the Special Commands of:
       1) Calc
    (calc_Type_command - calc_switch_sheet - calc_Select_cell - calc_AutoFill_filter)
        2) impress

        3) math
    (math_element_selector - math_Type_command)

Also, I have finished the General Commands Compiler:

this work can be found here:
Then I working on Changing the Structure of the Compiler to become more genneral by adding Some general functions that can make the Compiling easier like these functions:

    1) init_app
    2) init_Object
    3) write_line_without_parameters
    4) write_line_with_one_parameters

this Work Can be found here:

Then I spend more time reading some UI tests written with Python framework and try to figure out what missing of the UI elements and Idisccuss adding logs for new events with my mentors.

The next week I will work on :

1) adding new events to be logged by adding the grammar and write the log statements but they will not have a Compiler as they don't included yet in the python UI framework.

2)Finishing the Current Compiler by making some Random tests and run them and test the efficiency overall.  


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