Week 6 Report

This week:

I was implementing the Compiler of the UI Objects:
        1) ButtonUIObject
        2) CheckBoxUIObject   
        3) TabControlUIObject
        4) ComboBoxUIObject
        5) RadioButtonUIObject
        6) ListBoxUIObject
        7) SpinFieldUIObject
        8) EditUIObject       

Also, I implemented a simple algorithm that will remove some redundant lines for example with the old logger we may have this:

now we will get this doing same functionality:

All this changes can be found here:

Also, thier was missing part in the Close Dialog Compiler it's now implemented here:

Also, This week I worked in the Special Commands from the writer application and implement:

    1) Type Command
    2) Select Command
    3) GoTo page

this can be found here: 

Next Week I will try to finish the Compiler of all the Special Commands and the General Commands and start imtergrating and testing the project total.


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