Week 5 Report

At week 4 I have finished the first phase of the new UI logger which was the grammar and the new sentences of the log messages and rewrite all the log statement with the new grammar.

This week I have started the implementation of the Compiler of the new logger grammar. This Compiler is responsible for taking the log file with the new grammar and generate a UI test case that performs the same as the user actions.

This week I write the python script that will take the input addresses from the user and the path of the test case to be generated. Also, I begin to implement the handler of each type of commands. This handler is the functions that called for each type of commands found in the grammar and start to replace it by the corresponding UI python functions that used for testing. I have finished this week the Starter handler, Uno commands Handler and Dialog handler.

This can be found here.

Also, all these changes are stored in this branch:


to test the new script and the new project this can be done after adding TEXTX library to our build system to be able to test it. For now, you can use any virtual env and install python and TEXTX on it then run this command:
python3 <path_to_log_interpreter> <path_to_log_file> <path_to_a_new_python_file>

for example, if we have this log file:

We will get this UILogger:

all these images show a real example from the new project.

also, I add some minor changes in the grammar and the rewrite of Dialogs here :

next week I will Continue implementing the rest of handlers and verify that the Project performs well.


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