Week 4 Report

This week:

As this week was my last week in my exams I worked in many minor points to finish it and finish all missing parts for phase1.

I migrate all the work in this branch :
                                 >  private/EL-SHREIF/ui_logger
This will make it easy to work on the old commits then we can merge at the end of the project.

as I found we have many lines that we will not use in the compiler in the future for example these lines:
        Action on element: urled with action : TYPE
        Action on element: urled with action : 16

So I solve this by make this function :
        OUString WindowUIObject::get_action(VclEventId nEvent) const
return empty string when we don't need to log this statement I think this won't be the best approach in the future.

this is example of what we can get now from the new logger:

Also for adding Jinja2 to use it in generation. I tried this week to create simple data structure that we can use to make same thing without any need to add external resources.

Also this week the SideBar actions wasn't implemented so I add it to the grammar as a general commands as it will be the same for all the applications.

Also this week the Select actions wasn't logged with the new grammar. I add it to the grammar as a general commands also. it will be like this:
                              >>Select  {"OBJECT": "Unnamed_Obj_0"}

Also This week I worked on adding the special command for math and impress in the grammar and write the log statements with the new grammar.

all this can be found in this patch: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/74629/

So for phase 1 we have:
1) grammar for the new ui_logger
2) all the log statements now worked with the new grammar

to finish the project the next stage will be:
1) working on the compiler that will generate the test cases from this grammar
2) start adding new events to be logged


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