Week 3 Report

This week:
I continue working on Rewriting the logger messages with the new DSL grammar:

        It wasn't finished last week but this week it's finished with the new garmmar and can log select and write actions.

    2)Uno Commands
        some small changes to be understandable with the new grammar
        ** a missing part here that we want to ignore logging message if the parameters of the UNO command are empty as they will be logged twice which is not good.

    3)Dialog Commands
        **Sometimes we have empty dialog names I don't know now how to handle this.
    4)Special Commands of (writer and Calc)
        In this part we know that we use EventDescription Object to transfere what we need to the logger for example in the GOTO command we put this parameters:
            aDescription.aAction = "GOTO";
            aDescription.aParameters = {{"PAGE", aPage}};
            aDescription.aID = "writer_edit";
            aDescription.aKeyWord = "SwEditWinUIObject";
            aDescription.aParent = "MainWindow";

So in the logger we will use these parameter to construct the log statement that we need and ignore having same construction as old logger which made it not friendly in reading.

    5)Also Type Command handled alone wherever you type.

I create 2 new functions that will help in getting data from the EventDescription Object and Use it to log all available actions of Calc and writer.
Now if we want to log new action in any application after sending its parameters to logger we will need to receive these parameters and use it to make sentences that match our grammar.

You can find the patch that make all of this here.

The next step is to finish some missing parts in the Uno Commands and fix problem of Dialog Commands and add new feature helpful statements in the ObjectUI commands.Then I will start write the compiler that will make code generation.



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