Week 2 Report

This week

I continue working on the DSL grammar I added:


        I addded the parameters option.

    2) SpecialCommand

        I added the writer and calc commands as a start and I think it will be enough for now to start with this 2 applications and in the future we can add other applications and also we can add more features for the logger in this application easily.

This is the new statements for logging writer events:
    Type on writer {"TEXT": "s"}
    Select from Pos 5 to Pos 7
    Set Zoom to be 100
    GOTO page number 2

This is the new statements for logging calc events:
    Type on current cell {"TEXT": "a"}
    Switch to sheet number 2
    Select from calc {"CELL": "A1"}
    Lanuch AutoFilter from Col 2 and Row 1

I added all of this here: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/73241/

Also Start to update the log statements for this UI objects:
(note that: this patch can't be merged now it should wait for the compiler to be done first)
I have finished :

    a) ButtonUIObject
    b) CheckBoxUIObject
    c) TabControlUIObject
    d) RadioButtonUIObject
    e) ComboBoxUIObject
    f) SpinFieldUIObject
    g) ListBoxUIObject

Also part of the EditUIObject is finished but still have something missing.

you can find this changes in this commit : https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/73743/


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